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Pakistan shows better face in new corruption index  

According to diplomatic sources, the Transparency International CPI report for 2013 brings good news for Pakistan, which earlier this year had witnessed the voting out of the PPP government considered the most corrupt in the history of Pakistan. The sources said that the Transparency International CPI report would be announced globally by its country representatives showing the list of the most corrupt and least corrupt countries in the 2013. Pakistan, whose ranking on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) had gone from 42nd most corrupt country in 2011 to 33rd in 2012 during the PPP government, has improved by around 10 points in 2013. Last year Pakistan had also been declared the seventh most corrupt country out of 97 in the Rule of Law Index of 2012. The 2013 CPI report would, however, be a matter of great satisfaction for the PML-N government at the Centre and PTI government in the KP — the two political parties which after coming into power have not yet shown any sign of corruption that was rampant during the last PPP government at the Centre and ANP government in the KP. Although, the present rulers have yet to do a lot to weed out the corrupt and punish those who had plundered the nation’s wealth, it goes to their credit that no major corruption case during their rule has surfaced as yet. In terms of corruption, there is also no denying the fact that the Nawaz Sharif government is much better than the last PPP government; there is no comparison between the PTI government in the KP and its ANP predecessor. The same is the case of Dr Malik’s government in Balochistan whereas this is also a fact that the Qaim Ali Shah’s present government in Sindh is better than his previous rule. Early this year, the Transparency International in its Global Corruption Barometer 2013 report had said that Pakistan’s religious bodies, military and media respectively had been found as the three least corrupt institutions in the list of 12 organisations. The same report had said that the most corrupt in Pakistan were from the government and politics.According to the last government’s own chairman NAB, sacked by the apex court for having been illegally appointed, corruption of more than Rs8 billion takes place daily in Pakistan. It is said that a considerable share of this massive corruption is contributed by the oil mafia, federal tax authorities and others.


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