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Q:When a bribe incident is reported, will there be any action taken against the person received it ? Further, what steps are being taken to control bribe in karachi ?
Ans: Dear Concerned Citizen, Our website had not been functioning properly due to lack of financial resources. However, now we have restarted and hope to tackle corruption through a number of sources. Firstly, anonymous reporting my citizens will help us gather and collate data about which departments and cities have been reporting increasing incidences of bribes. In this way, we hope to this information that could prove whether assertion by different ministers and provincial/federal departments, that there is no corruption existing there, can be refuted. In terms of direct actions, we have a legal team that will pursue popular cases, that have not been pursued by other individuals, e.g recently Malik riaz on that show 'Jirga' in Geo tv had publicly stated he has and continues to pay bribes for conducting business in Pakistan. Insh'Allah you will see us pursuing the legality of these statements in court. In Karachi, presently it is regrettable that due to politicization of the police and different departments little is being done. However, we hope to pressurize federal departments like NAB and FIA, to start independent inquiries on accountability, especially on infamous bribery scandals. We hope that as a citizen of Pakistan, as a Muslim and as a moral human being you will continue to support a cause such as ours, and we hope you can spread the word to your family and friends, to start reporting the bribes which they were forced to give or voluntarily give, and now regret. We promise and uphold all anonymity and it is our responsibility to lead a citizen run initiative against bribery across Pakistan. Please read an article written on us by express tribune: Warm Regards, and assalam o alaikum, I Paid a Bribe Team Pakistan

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