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NAB Investigating Officer Accepted Bribe to Create Loopholes
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City Rawalpindi
Scam Type corporate
Organization NAB

My uncle was a few years ago serving as the Director in a public-owned company. He's a retired army officer and very influential. He approved a contract against PEPRA rules to award a contract for supply of raw material. Unfortunately, the material was never delivered. But under his instructions, the company paid for the material in advance. NAB began to inquire into the matter. The inquiry was headed by an Investigating Officer Tehseen. I accompanied my uncle when he met Tehseen who was also a retired army officer. My uncle paid a sum of Rs. 0.5 million through cheque (title: "cash') so the IO won't implicate him in the inquiry. Eventually, NAB arrested the suppliers' agent and some other individuals. When I think about it, it makes me sad. Very sad. You can get away with anything in this country. My uncle authorized the transaction and yet he was never charged but others were.


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